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The surprising intention to vote…!

The latest polls released yesterday revealed some interesting, though unsurprising numbers. The socialists continue to lead the voting intentions, regardless of the age groups and education levels, electing either 8 or 9 Members of the…

Young & Portuguese: (un)usual political trajectories

The (current) 2 biggest political groups in the European Parliament, the centre-right EPP and the centre-left S&D, have their youth structures lead by 2 Portuguese: Lídia Pereira and João Albuquerque, respectively. Lídia Pereira, a young…

Portugal’s electorate at a glance

Portugal’s population of almost 10.3 million (2.3% of all EU citizens, without the UK) elects 21 out of the 705 MEPs, having maintained its number of representatives after the Brexit restructure of the European Parliament….